Rae Stones


Rae Stones is an Executive Creative Director of international acclaim, with an illustrious career spanning the leading agencies of Paris, New York, Amsterdam, and London. The idea she is most proud of is Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty — a reflection of the insightful, culture-shaping work for which she is renowned. Her creative acumen has won her accolades from every coveted show in the UK and internationally. A fervent advocate for equity, diversity and inclusion, Rae has been pivotal in establishing mentoring programs at each agency she's graced, cultivating an environment where talent thrives. She would also like you to know that she's a brilliant copywriter but too humble to admit it. And okish at spelling.

What are you most looking forward to about judging the awards? 

I love to see the brilliant new ideas and the in-genius creative problem solving. But most of all I love the discussion and debate with the other judges. Hearing new perspectives. It's actually invaluable as a creative leader.

Why do you think the Campaign Big Awards are important?

for the entire length of my career and well before it Campaign Magazine was the magazine. I read it at college. I read it on placement. I read it on my first job and my fifth. I read it now. Campaign has always reflected and refracted the industry. And so do the awards.

Describe the Campaign Big Awards in three words...

Hard to win