Brixton Finishing School

Award-Winning Brixton Finishing School exists to realise the potential of underrepresented talent across the marketing, advertising and creative industries. 

Which is why we’re on a mission to build an ecosystem of products that develop underrepresented talent and bring them together with an industry that is in desperate need of change - creating accessible pathways into roles.

These include our 8-week summer school, our national, virtual ‘ADcademy’ and the industry's largest outreach programme - ADventure for 14-18 year olds. Our alumni are supported by our #ARISE, Future Leaders programme as retention is key to ensure our industry has a diverse senior leadership team. 

We believe when everyone has the same opportunities we can change what is possible. 

Our programmes are built and delivered in collaboration with our partners and engage existing employees. 

It connects those in the industry with those traditionally held outside of it.

Our focus is on affirmative action for the Socially Mobile or Multi-ethnic/and/or Neurodiverse. 

In the UK social mobility is at its worst in 50 years (Institute for Fiscal Studies). We are building back what mobility has been lost, creating fair and accessible pathways into our industry and ensuring that talent, when it arrives, thrives and rises.