Lydia Raghavan

Creative Director , 4creative

Lydia Raghavan is a Creative Director at 4Creative, working across brand and show campaigns for Channel 4. She made the move back to TV after serving as an Associate Creative Director at youth-focussed publisher, Refinery29. After graduating, an obsession with music videos led her to Partizan where she soon discovered the hallowed role of the creative copywriter. With this goal in sight, she put in the groundwork at Watford and won a spot at Cream before going on to write (and sometimes direct) all manner of creative things at both Vice and Creature, including a pint-sized parody of Boris and chums, getting the UK grime scene to wade in on popular Mumsnet threads and cooking Christmas dinner in a huge pile of sh*t. She prides herself on delivering work that's not traditionally ad-shaped from entertainment formats to pranks to unmissable events. Lydia has picked up numerous awards along the way, collaborating with a healthy mix of brands that include Depop, Converse, Smirnoff, Anchor, Nike and Carling.