Leli Leitner

Junior Art Director , dentsu mcgarrybowen

Leli has started her path in advertising by joining the School of Communication Arts 2.0. That's where she found her love for creating ads that don't look like ads, as well as ideas that have a positive impact in the real world. After some placements at Neverland, 20something and TBWA the pandemic hit and the fight to get your portfolio seen got harder. So Leli and her partner Coco needed to find a new way to get their work seen by decision makers in the ad industry. They had a think about what they all have in common – they are all subscribed to Campaign magazines newsletter. So Leli and her partner made a fake Campaign newsletter and sent it to everyone they wanted to work with which sent them to their portfolio website, disguised as Campaigns. Simon Lloyd, who was about to become CCO at dentsu mcgarrybowen at that time, was one of the people receiving it – he liked it and put the team on a placement that turned into their first proper job as creatives. Ever since then Leli has worked on a lot of pitches, pushes for proactive campaigns and new ways to do advertising.