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Category Name Category Id Category Item Id Description
30 SECOND TV AD 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4zk9j2vjgpgcrz3dsx5ys9tgm4 <p>Awards to the best creative TV ad of 30 seconds or less. This should be an original 30 second ad rather than a cut down.<br></p>
AMBIENT 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 46nrvm71d2hzs36vs5agk2pcxd <p>This award will recognise the most creative ambient idea. Eligible work should be executed in unusual or unexpected places. Judges will consider the concept’s creativity and originality.<br></p>
AUDIO & RADIO 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4mbhj5x7wzy3w6w8ewch83aand <p>Awarded to the best creative idea in audio and radio advertising. Includes any form of radio broadcast, internet advertising, streaming audio content, downloadable content and podcasts.&nbsp;<br></p>
BEST USE OF NEW DIGITAL TECH 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4npk7w8eh7zjxy1ybqmw3afyc5 <p>Awarded to the best creative idea using innovative technology to solve a client’s problem<br></p>
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4rrwsmzqfzaa608c44epaj5a4s <p>Awarded to the best creative customer experience idea.&nbsp;</p><p>New category for 2024.</p>
DESIGN 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4qs67mgdnkdcs3ewez3f9qt9xr <p>Awarded to the best creative design idea.&nbsp;</p><p>New category for 2024.<br></p>
EXPERIENTIAL 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 457sav6f3phj962xgcpgp1v853 <p>Awarded to the best creative experience idea. Includes live events, pop-ups, brand activations, festivals and immersive experiences.<br></p>
FILM 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4nnb214r411f30mr81p6fennnw <p>Awarded to the best creative idea in film advertising. Includes TV ads, cinema, idents, branded documentaries and brand films.<br></p>
GAMING 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4a1gx0q2erksk5ytr3xggh6exh <p>Awarded to the best creative idea using in-game technology. Campaigns entered into this category will have utilised the comms opportunities of any type of gaming (including console games, PC games, social or mobile gaming) to reach audiences in new and exciting ways.&nbsp;<br></p>
INTEGRATED 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4qb8sjkj9mxnbwdbshxfcqrtcr <p>Awarded to the best creative idea across multiple channels. Campaigns into this category must make use of at least two different medium channels<br></p>
OUT OF HOME 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 45g8b2vn3a6st6ydwhjpqr8qw2 <p>Awarded to the best creative idea in out of home advertising. Includes 6-sheets, 48-sheets, 96-sheets, giant posters, digital and interactive posters, cross tracks, bus sides, taxis, ambient posters and special builds<br></p>
PRINT 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4e559tm0ede813r0az10smrdw9 <p>Awarded to the best creative idea in print advertising. Includes advertising in local and national press, business and consumer magazines, inserts, wraps and covers<br></p>
SOCIAL 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 40ft8veexvt49vm9vtexegefck <p>Awarded to the best creative social idea. Includes online viral film, digital advertising, streaming video, photo sharing and gifs.<br></p>
MEDIA EXCELLENCE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4jcz4wrhajn4jzec8bayhf7k5q <p>So who has the bragging rights for producing the best work across each of the media channels in a creative’s arsenal? The Media Excellence categories will showcase the very best work in any given media channel with one outright winner. Entries can either be a brilliant single piece of work or an amazing campaign.<br></p>
AUTOMOTIVE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 46e0k9rcbw4992zdqc6j014hmd <p>Awarded to the best creative idea for an automotive brand or service.<br></p>
CHARITY 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4wxckfxxwjkhn55dwpt9cvycwm <p>Awarded to the best creative idea for a charity, not-for-profit organisation, NGO or public sector organisation.<br></p>
CONSUMER GOODS 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 47bmg4y5zma24zzjge9vddasx4 <p>Awarded to the best creative idea for a consumer retail product or brand. Including but not limited to food and drink, consumer durables, fashion, health &amp; beauty and other FMCG brands.<br></p>
ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4jmjz94ghe4jm7nqm82tbr9e5b <p>Awarded to the best creative idea for an entertainment &amp; leisure brand. Including but not limited to media brands, sports and gaming, museums and galleries, live events, health clubs, gambling and other recreation brands.&nbsp;<br></p>
RETAILERS 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4mpw0bqxq29whwbetex6h24yn4 <p>Awarded to the best creative for a retailer. Including but not limited to eCommerce, department stores and supermarkets, restaurants and fast food, tourism, and estate agents.<br></p>
SERVICES 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 43xfp4d4str9v52t86wp6c12xe <p>Awarded to the best creative idea for a service provided. Including but not limited to utilities, telecoms and internet, financial &amp; legal, online platforms, ticketing sites, social media, IT and travel.<br></p>
PRODUCT SECTORS 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 43n32epsrs3y8yw1bkw76txjnp <p>The Product Sector categories have been a staple of the Campaign Big Awards for as long as we’ve been running them. Industry feedback has told us you like them. Being able to showcase the best work from each sector side by side, regardless of media used is a great thing.<br></p>
BEST BRAND REPOSITIONING 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4z58v3ez3h7g4r4myy7f45rp4m <p>Amid competition from new brands, established brands need to evolve to meet modern consumer needs. Judges will consider the refreshed brand’s quality and distinctiveness as well as its ability to cut through.&nbsp;</p><p>New category for 2024</p>
BEST IDEA FOR A SOCIAL PURPOSE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 45k5b48qf56nz0h2vezf9ebh4g <p>Consumers want more from brands than just utility. This category will reward creative ideas that raise awareness or positive sentiment towards a social cause/ issue, and/or help shift culture or change behaviour.<br></p>
BEST IDEA FOR AN ENVIRONMENTAL PURPOSE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4586fhg2n6jqx2djzssdfxgj5d <p>Consumers want more from brands than just utility. This category will reward creative ideas that raise awareness or positive sentiment towards an environmental cause/ issue, and/or change behaviour.<br></p>
BEST IDEA FROM AN AGENCY INITIATIVE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4bw3te7pek63q04f4rpn30ydxk <p>This category celebrates creative ideas that have originated internally with no official client brief. From internal communications, CSR, community impact, workplace equality and staff well-being, this category is the only one to recognise these non-client creative ideas.<br></p>
BEST NEW BRAND 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4k5qgsgc6zytq4r9abaq7bndn6 <p>This award will celebrate the best new brand developed and launched during the eligibility period. Judges will consider the brand’s quality and distinctiveness, as well as its ability to stand out.</p><p>New category for 2024.</p>
BEST REACTIVE IDEA 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4cpa6abh3aegc511997ht3avct <p>Brands now have the ability to “be on” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While this allows consumers to have a continuous conversation with them, it also means that smart brands can respond and react to wider events or moments in time. This category goes to the best creative idea that was quick off the mark.<br></p>
BEST USE OF AN INFLUENCER OR CELEBRITY 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4gk7gh5c3paxw483cyktc7nnx7 <p>This category awards the most creative campaign that used one or more social media influencers or a celebrity’s social platforms to increase the brands reach. This can be as a standalone initiative or as part of a wider campaign.<br></p>
BRANDED CONTENT 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4x8bsfvgr1j6z1r8mfb6hnj5nq <p>This category celebrates the most artistic and powerful storytelling through branded content films that tell a brand’s story in a creative, innovative and effective way.<br></p>
CONSISTENT CREATIVE EXCELLENCE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4k1wvy3gw1q2g7mtn9vtxn77ww <p>This category celebrates an agency’s consistent and longer-term creative contribution (3+ years) across its client’s portfolio, using two or more examples. Previous clients that have won in this category are eligible for entry after a two year gap.<br></p>
CREATIVE IDEA FOR A NEW BRAND 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 44fqbabadpxrn5x2y2540yypmq <p>Disruptive to the market, new brands are driving consumer choice within every sector of the economy. Achieving cutthrough is essential and this category will reward those creative ideas for new brands doing just that.</p>
ORIGINAL IDEA 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4wqae9acb1v3rwtd8tt8bbn9n1 <p>Commercial creativity manifests itself in many different forms beyond the confines of traditional advertising. This award will be given to the most groundbreaking and original idea.&nbsp;<br></p>
SPONSORSHIP 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4qbzyg8k0bqpyzd6qacca460wc <p>Brand partnerships are a proven way to build equity and create an emotional resonance with consumers. This category will award creative ideas which through partnerships enhance the brands image.<br></p>
CREATIVE EXCELLENCE 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4bmk1fde0d54drcq0rs176wndy <p>We believe the Creative Excellence categories really compliment our other categories. They have been developed to ensure the Campaign Big Awards remain relevant and current, and showcase the different ways agencies are pushing their creative output for their clients.<br></p>
THE TONY CULLINGHAM AWARD FOR EMERGING TEAM 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4echyn8adpexp392erh55jp9mj <p>This category is designed to recognise the most promising and talented creative teams making waves within the industry through fresh, creative ideas. Teams will be judged on their creative output. The emerging team should be 3 years or less in the industry. Work at previous agencies can be included where they are the named creatives.<br></p>
PEOPLE AWARDS 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4x16fjfr0cynhyk4h6y8hprpmc
BEST SINGLE CREATIVE IDEA 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 42zcqj0g5gt2jtbbvjpw2adb5n <p>Awarded to the best single ad entered in any of the Product Sectors, Creative Excellence or Media Excellence categories. Winning entries from these categories will be put forward to our lead jury for a final selection to be made.<br></p><p>This category cannot be entered directly.<br></p>
BEST CAMPAIGN 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 40f8m8h02k51t5m58s4xr3ftww <p>Awarded to the best campaign entered in any of the Product Sectors, Creative Excellence or Media Excellence categories. Winning entries from these categories will be put forward to our lead jury for a final selection to be made.&nbsp;</p><p>This category cannot be entered directly.<br></p>
JUDGES' CHOICE AWARDS 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4778577rvhsgwsgsxxtdpd4s52
CAMPAIGN BIG AWARDS AGENCY OF THE YEAR 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 4d5hy5y1aj331ykhmy9ec03qd2 <p>Campaign Big Awards Agency of the Year is given to the agency who receives the most nominations and awards throughout the evening. Each entry that makes the final shortlist will score points, and these points will be used to identify the leading agency. The scoring system will allocate an appropriate tally for each entry, depending upon the results.<br></p>
GRAND PRIX 4kq7prdaa64cxxjjpx5egcfxxr 42z46cn82z8151w48tpr925awy
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