Becky McOwen-Banks

Executive Creative Director , At large

IN MY DAY JOB: I'M AN EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR LEADING A TEAM OF CREATIVES HERE IN LONDON AND AROUND THE GLOBE. I'VE TRANSFORMED DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES ‚Äì ESTABLISHING TEAMS ACROSS EUROPE, EVOLVING CLIENT ROSTERS, AND DOUBLING IN AGENCY SIZE.  FROM BUILDING AND RUNNING AWARD-WINING CREATIVE DEPARTMENTS FOR HOW WE WORK TODAY, TO CREATING AND PITCHING THE IDEAS THAT WILL BE REMEMBERED TOMORROW. I'M A LIFE-LONG LEARNER, WHO LOVES LEADING.  I believe in the power of creative thinking, creative problem solving and creative leadership to change a business. My curiosity and ambition continues as a scholarship-winning  (soon to graduate!) MBA student at Berlin School of Creative Leadership.  An active member of the creative community I work with many initiatives for change, mentoring for many too - from SheSays Who's Your Momma here in London, to LIAsons and UNICEF. I keep the need for greater diversity in the search for better creative work, front and centre.