Nicola Wood

Executive Creative Director , Ogilvy London

Nicola is a multi award-winning writer, CD and ECD among the highest ranked in the world for over three consecutive years. In March 2024 she was ranked in both WARC and DRUM worldwide rankings and helped to rank Ogilvy UK as the top 5 creative agency in the world. Her 'Horticultural Society' campaign for Relate was listed in the 2024 Annual Creativity 100 list. Among her many recent wins is the notable Campaign's "Creative of the Year" as well as coveted awards like the D&AD White Pencil and Cannes Glass Lion for her Mayor of London 'Have a Word' Campaign. She has a reputation for her love of craft and human insight. Bringing fun and truth to the creative department, as well as every brief and brand she works with. Nurturing both talent and ideas makes her heart sing. As does being a Mum to her beloved cheeky son Ollie.

What are you most looking forward to about judging the awards? 

Getting work made isn't easy. Getting great work made is even harder. Most great work has an element of bravery about it and I always wonder what sort of conversations were had in order for that great work to live. I love applauding and championing that sort of bravery. I always look for the unexpected truths and insights in work, I want the work to make me feel something, and I always look for the kind of craft that makes me jealous. Great work should have us all saying "I wish I'd done that."

Why do you think the Campaign Big Awards are important?

I've always loved the Campaign Big Awards, they set the agenda for UK advertising. I remember two years ago when the chair of judges, Shelley Smoler and Felix Richer, talked about the industry being at peak-saturation of purpose led work and wanted to simply celebrate good ideas and ideas they wanted the industry to make. That felt like a fork in the ground moment and it was great to see how Campaign Big Awards were leading that change. Personally I'm all for humour making a big comeback and would love to see a shift towards work that simply entertains.

Describe the Campaign Big Awards in three words...

Home ground, groundbreaking, beacon