Powered x Optus

Agency: Optus

It’s an understatement to say 2020 took the world by surprise. For Optus the surprise hit four weeks out from a business critical, in-person, event that had been in the planning for months. The introduction of their new CEO and the business’s future direction.

As Australia went into lockdown Optus was forced to make a brave decision. Postpone the event or find another way to engage its 7,000 employees individually from their homes.

An insight from Optus Sport into Australian’s behaviour while working from home, overcoming a rigid internal IT policy and incredible teamwork across multiple divisions transformed Optus’s annual Powered x Optus event into a high-quality, engaging content series delivered directly to their people.

Over 350,000 minutes of viewed content was delivered to Optus employees simultaneously across Australia, India and the Philippines through a brand-new digital platform all delivered in under four weeks.

The result was an engagement score of 8.5/10 for the virtual series, 11 percentage point increase in our overall employee engagement for 30% less budget.