Ads Dechaud

Creative , Wonderhood Studios

Ads Dechaud, together with her creative partner Phil Le Brun, is a creative at Wonderhood Studios. After building a portfolio at SCA2.0, they did several placements before joining Wonderhood in early 2019. Since then, they've won competitions, helped win pitches, launched a challenger bank, and made award winning work for clients such as Comic Relief and Nike. They've recently helped relaunch Three in the UK and made a campaign for the Migration Museum which was seen by 4 million people and started a global conversation around football and migration. Their personal projects have gone viral and they were named in Creative Circle's "The Future of Creativity" and Campaign's Emerging Team of the Year 2019. They both regularly mentor junior creatives and are members of "Mentor Black Business". They currently run the Creative Placement Scheme at Wonderhood Studios.