Ollie Olanipekun

Founder, Futurimpose
Having successfully launched and ran Superimpose for 6 years - an agency/creative community/cult brand/alternative learning platform/hybrid business of all sorts that swooped awards such as Creative Review's Agency of the Year and Adweek's Fastest 100 in 2019, the next journey for me is about democratising and breaking down further the idea of an 'agency' or what a 'creative business' should be. Futurimpose is an evolution fit for a new context. It continues to push for representation and new agendas in advertising and beyond, now with a more attuned audience. How to work effectively with talent across the world, how to build dialogues and coalitions with entities doing good, how to continue educating and supporting young creatives from all backgrounds...these are things I am passionate about. Futurimpose is streamlined to help craft and create a more interesting future without being held to previous standards and practices.