Fly Like Rufus

Fly Like Rufus, Stella Artois / Mother London

Following on from last year’s  “The Perfect Hawk-Eye” which introduced us to Rufus the Hawk, Wimbledon’s official bird scarer, in 2015 as part of its Wimbledon sponsorship Stella Artois took Rufus’ and tennis’ fans into a new dimension with “Fly Like Rufus”.


“Fly Like Rufus” is a virtual reality flight experience that allows viewers to take-in a 360° view of Wimbledon’s iconic grounds from Rufus’ point of view.

During the Championships a fully immersive multi-sensorial experience was set-up at Waterloo station using Oculus Rift technology, high potency fans, and a tonne-and-a-half motion-base.  

3,000 Google Cardboard glasses were also distributed allowing people to experience the flight using their smart phones via “The Perfect Flight” app. Whilst at home, viewer could play with a 360° interactive video at