Code Playground

Code Playground, Barclays / BBH

In 2014 coding was included in the UK curriculum, with children learning the basic principles from age five. This change led to a need to raise the public awareness of the importance of coding - given the vital role it will play in the future employability of the nation’s children and in the economy of the future. Our research also uncovered another audience in need of basic education - parents who for the very first time would need to help their kids with homework in a subject that they weren’t themselves taught at school. Whilst a multitude of tutorials and resources exist online, few break it down to such a basic level that those completely new to the subject can experience a taster without going into the detail of coding software or programming languages - so we decided to target Barclays Code Playground at this particular need.

The Code Playground website was the campaign hub, acting as a first taster of coding for kids and parents. From here, users were encouraged to sign up to free in-branch sessions run by Barclays Digital Eagles; or learn more by clicking through to a number of coding partners offering tutorials or in-depth explanation.