Media Channels

Digital & Interactive

Entrants will be judged against two key elements: creativity and excellence, encompassing new thinking, meticulous executions, and advertising and communications that prompted an interaction with the target audience.

To include websites, micro-sites, online advertising, digital installations, interactive virals, viral films, mobile marketing, social media activity, games and apps. Also including self promotion by network owners such as O2, BT, Vodafone, etc, or manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, Nokia, etc.



The judges will be looking for new thinking, for excellent creative ideas, for meticulous executions, and ultimately for direct communications that prompted a dialogue or elicited a response.

Entrants are encouraged to upload any relevant material in support of their entry.

To include low volume or high volume direct mail to consumers or B2B direct mail, inserts, leaflets, tip-ons and special covers, digital media (including all uses on the internet, telephone and PDA devices), direct email advertising, mobile marketing and door drops, direct radio and instillations & events.


The judges will look for commercials that achieved their aims for the client using the finest creativity.

To include all television commercials, idents, cinema commercials, online commercials, infomercials, film based virals, brand communications and DVD-embedded commercials, including advertising and promos for media owners.


The judging panel will comprise creative people, clients and expert members of the poster industry, who understand that the only kind of poster creativity that matters is the sort that sells by making the most of this vibrant medium.

Key rules:

It is imperative that any poster you enter is identical in every way to the poster displayed by your client.
Evidence that a poster has been displayed for one full month prior to the closing date for the awards should help to ensure that test posters created just to enter the awards will be a thing of the past. Please upload this evidence of display as part of your online entry.

To include 6-sheet posters, 48-sheet posters, 96-sheet posters (including square format), giant posters, all forms of bus advertising, all forms of taxi advertising, all forms of underground and rail advertising, poster advertising at transport stations, termini and shopping centres (including indoor and point-of-sale posters), all forms of digital outdoor advertising, ambient poster advertising and special builds. Examples of posters promoting the medium are also eligible from companies such as Clear Channel, JCDecaux, etc.


When it comes to celebrating creativity in the press, Campaign has led the way. These are awards for creative excellence and the judges will look for ads that are different, relevant and clear; they will look for ads that work; ads that use the press medium to its full potential; and ads that senior creatives would be proud to judge.

To include advertising from business magazines, consumer magazines, regional newspapers, national newspapers, programmes and supplements, as well as special covers, wraps or tip-ons. Press ads created for media owners to promote their title and their medium are also eligible.


Creative radio advertising is always unforgettable. As with press or outdoor, the judges will look for ads that are different, relevant, clear and persuasive in the way that only radio can achieve. They will also look for ways in which radio was used uniquely to create a markedly different impact for a brand campaign.

To include any form of radio broadcast advertising, including promos and advertising by media owners and including very local radio, such as in shopping centres or for football clubs.