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Alcoholic Drinks

Including all alcoholic drinks and also including low-alcohol drinks and non-alcoholic beers and wines.



Including parts, accessories, tyres, lubricants and fuels, on-board navigation and in-car entertainment, maintenance and support services and motor sales.



For all charities and not-for-profit charitable organisations.

* Entries into the Charity category are eligible if the space was paid for or donated by the media owner, who can vouch for the rate card equivalent value.


Consumer Durables & Furniture

Including white goods, brown goods, small domestic appliances, laptops and mobile phones, indoor furniture & furnishings and outdoor furniture & garden equipment.



Utility companies including electricity, gas, green energy, power & water companies.


Fashion, Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

All fashion brands, clothing, footwear and accessories, including sportswear.


Financial & Legal

Including banks & building societies and the services they provide, credit and charge-card companies, accountants, financial service advisors, brokers, insurance companies, car finance and leasing, retailers' financial services and any other financial product or services. And also including law firms and all legal services.


Grocery & Soft Drinks

Including all savoury foods, confectionery & sweets, beverages such as tea, coffee and soft drinks, fruits & vegetables, condiments & sauces, oils, vinegars & dressings, herbs & spices, preserves & spreads, rice, pasta & noodles,  sugar & sweeteners and also including pet foods.


Health & Beauty

Including healthcare, over-the-counter tablets and medicines, vitamins, insect repellents, diet products, adhesive plasters, skin remedies, feminine hygiene products, condoms, pregnancy tests, contact lenses, therapy services, cosmetics, make-up, skin & nail care products, over-the-counter toiletries, perfumes and beauty products, soap, shower & bath products, deodorants & body sprays, skin & nail care products, oral hygiene, shaving products, men’s beauty products, shampoos, and any other non-pharma personal care.


Household Goods

Including household consumables such as toilet paper, tissues, light bulbs, batteries, cleaning products, accessories & detergents, disposable nappies, food packaging and kitchen utensils.


Media & Entertainment

Including terrestrial, cable and satellite television, newspapers & magazines, domestic audio & video software, computer games & consoles, DVDs & Blu-ray discs, CDs, radio, cinema, theatre, festivals and non-sporting public events.


Online Services

Including search engines, directories, comparison sites, listing sites, ticketing sites, dating services and social networking sites.


Public Service

Including NGOs, health organisations, transport, road safety, environmental, postal services & couriers, political messaging, the police & emergency services, the Armed Services and any other Government or local authority services.

* Entries into the Charity category are eligible if the space was paid for or donated by the media owner, who can vouch for the rate card equivalent value.


Retail & Restaurants

Including department stores, supermarkets, shops, DIY stores, furniture stores, estate agents, pharmacies & opticians and online stores & auctions.


Sport, Travel & Leisure

Including sporting events, sport & leisure pursuits and equipment, health clubs, bookmakers & lotteries, holiday services and destinations, travel operators, luggage and accessories, toys, board games and hobbies, DIY and gardening products, and advertising for these products by agents, home shopping services and retailers.


Telecoms & Technology

Including telecommunication & internet / broadband service providers, computer operating systems and IT services.


The Paul Arden Award

The Arden Award

In honour of the late, great Paul Arden, the Arden Award celebrates those inimitable pieces of work that are somewhat un-categorisable.

As the advertising landscape moves endlessly forward and new technologies and unconventional advertising techniques offer alternatives to traditional media, it’s not uncommon to produce a piece of work that doesn’t really sit with the mainstream. This is the category for them.

That being said, any piece of work that is going to awarded in this category will need to embrace the unique qualities he embodied. Work entered here will need to be:

  • Mould-breaking
  • Brave
  • Crafted
  • Unique
  • Honest
  • Commercial

So if you know of any pieces of work that ran between 1 June 2015 and 8 July 2016 and show the qualities described above - large or small, expensive or cheap, in any media whatsoever – enter them in to the Arden Award.


Each of the Product Sector categories are open to work across the following media platforms: Digital, Direct, Film, Outdoor, Press and Radio/Audio. And you can still enter work as single ads or as complete campaigns (including multi-platform campaigns).

Each entry will be judged in the context of what it is, with a keen eye on quality, originality and craft. An entry should exemplify the best use of a medium and demonstrate that the particular media channel chosen was the best way to communicate the idea.



Entries can include apps, digital installations, email marketing, games, mobile, online ads, interactive posters, social media, virals, websites and microsites.



Entries can include high volume mailers (over 3,000), low volume mailers (under 3,000), B2B direct mail, inserts & leaflets, digital media, direct press or posters, direct radio, direct TV, events and direct campaigns.



Entries can include TV ads, cinema ads, idents, online film (including YouTube), branded documentaries and brand films.



Entries can include 6 sheets, 48 sheets, 96 sheets, giant posters, digital and interactive posters, cross tracks, bus sides, taxis, ambient posters and special builds.



Entries can include advertising from business magazines, consumer magazines, regional newspapers, national newspapers, programmes and supplements, as well as special covers, wraps or tip-ons.



Entries to include any form of radio broadcast, internet advertising, streaming audio content, downloadable content and podcasts.


Our Agency of the Year Awards are given to the agencies leading the way in a particular media. In total seven will be awarded on the night one each for Digital, Direct, Film, Outdoor, Press, Radio and Integrated.

Each entry that makes the final short-listed will score points and these points will be used to identify the leading agency for each media. The scoring system will allocate an appropriate score for each entry depending upon the results.

  • FINALISTS: The judging identifies the very best work being produced each year. Only work of a certain calibre will make it on to our list of finalists.
  • SILVER AWARDS: Silver Awards are awarded to the winning work in each category. Winning a Silver is a great accolade. They set the standard of the great work being produced each year.
  • GOLD AWARDS: Gold Awards are awarded at the judges’ discretion. They are the highest accolade the judges can bestow and are given to those pieces of work that stand head and shoulders above the rest. As such Gold Awards are not necessarily awarded in every category.

Given the above when determining our Agencies of the Year, Gold winning work will receive the most points, then Silver and Finalists the least.


Direct Agency of the Year

Digital Agency of the Year

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